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About Reflexology

Feet with Rose Petals

What is Reflexology?

Our feet mirror our body. Every tiny part of our body (whether it is a system i.e. skeletal, an organ or gland) is related to an area of the feet. There are over 7000 nerve endings in our feet and we can sometimes put them under immense pressure such as wearing ill fitting or uncomfortable shoes, standing on them all day, neglecting them and as a result, we can physically feel quite ill.

Reflexology is a stimulation of all of these nerve endings. By applying pressure or massaging them we can instantly feel much more relaxed and therefore able to cope easier with life.

The stimulation of the therapy not only treats the symptoms but also treats the 'cause' or 'root' of the problem of many ailments, compared
to a painkiller that only masks the person's pain.

Reflexology can bring almost immediate relief for short-term illnesses or problems. Long term or 'chronic' problems may need more attention but there is still much relief to be gained from regular treatments.

The whole area of both feet is treated by the Reflexologist to aim to restore harmony and balance to an individual's mind, body and spirit.