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Judith Hadley


Western medicine is wonderful and we couldn't survive in many cases, without it. However, sometimes we don't really need or want to take medication depending on the severity of the problem or, our bodies may just be trying to tell us to slow down, move out of the fast lane, take it easy etc. but how many of us can realistically? 

Touch therapies or Complementary therapies are 'holistic' (originating from the Greek word 'Holos' meaning whole), having an effect on the whole person - mind, body and soul. They don't treat or mask the symptom as some medication does, but will treat the cause or root of the problem.

My work is my passion. The knowledge and experience I've gained throughout my career, I feel has given me justification as to why I must write and share with as many of you as possible, the opportunities available for self-treatment.